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TerGo Foundation
acts for the Earth

We spread knowledge, promote ecology and support initiatives aimed at reducing and offsetting CO2e emissions.


TerGo Foundation

We aim to protect the planet by actively reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. By running our educational programs and cooperating with other institutions and organizations, we hope to spread knowledge about climate and biodiversity. We act according to climate justice in areas where residents need support the most.

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What do we do?

International Forestry Carbon Credit Standard

We have created a state-of-the-art standard for conducting agroforestry projects in line with the Paris Agreement and all international requirements. With IFCC, anyone can run a sequestration project, i.e., offset CO2e emissions by taking care of existing ecosystems or planting new ones. The Foundation experts conduct applicant verification and supervise the projects.

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Knowledge is power! That’s why we are developing a free virtual encyclopedia of climate knowledge. Tergopedia gathers the most essential concepts in greenhouse gas reduction and global warming. Join the Tergopedia community and create it together with us!

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TerGo Market

We are working on the first decentralized system for tracking carbon offset transactions based on the blockchain network and Web 3.0 technology. The platform will enable the tokenization of the highest quality carbon offsets created by IFCC standard-verified projects, as well as their certification as NFTs.

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TerGo Foundation in numbers

This many trees have been planted to sequester CO2e in projects following our IFCC Standard.

The number of the highest-quality VERs certified with the IFCC standard are already available on the market.

This many educational and development projects have been completed or are being conducted.

The number of institutions and organizations working with us for the better future of our Planet!


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